A workshop with Johan Florez

  An overview on the analogical format

Digital or Analogical? There is not such thing as a superior format, they are different languages and understanding the best match for every project is a fundamental skill for every Artist. This workshop offers the students a basic kit of technical skills and knowledge necessary to start working on film stock. It offers an overview of the analogical format and its application today. At the end of the workshop the students will be able to acknowledge the analogical format as an alternative to the contemporary digital mediums.

  Duration and location

4 days in Rome


– 1 day Theory

Basics of Cinematography: Film formats

  • Film stock
  • Types of Film
  • Film speed
  • Aspect Ratios
  • F stops and T stops
  • Exposure time
  • Exposure Meters
  • Color temperature and Color Balance
  2. Anatomy of the film Camera

  • Case Study ARRI SR3 16mm Camera
  •  The Camera Department:
    – Director of photography
    – Camera Operator
    – First Assistant Cameraman (1st AC or Focus Puller
  • Pre production
– 1 Day visit to professional film lab Augustus Color
– 2 days of Practice: shooting FINAL ASSESMENT and 1 day for screening and reviewing it once the footage is available from the Lab. Hands on the Arri SR3, the students will learn how to set up the camera and how to use it. Loading and Unloading the Magazines in the black bag or tent: the students will practice loading and unloading the film with a test film roll.

Johan Florez

Johan Florez is a filmmaker, cinematographer and Analog Photographer from Bogota, Colombia. Master of arts in Film and New Media in Milan and specialized in cinematography. B.A degree from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia and M.A degree from NABA,Italy. He has also frequented UCA film school in England and CSC Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Roma. Currently working in different productions in roles such as DoP, Camera Operator and Focus Puller.


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