The Excellence in the New Art Technologies

High Quality Education in Rome

Accademia Media Film e Arti Visive (AMFAV) is developed by the innovative Research and Education Platform Ars Academy Research. AMFAV is located in Rome, and organized for the teaching of New Technologies for Arts. The project fills a gap for advanced training of high quality regarding technology, critical thinking and contemporary art.

A contemporary Bauhaus

Accademia Media Film e Arti Visive, as a contemporary Bauhaus, makes the student the central focus.

Accademia Media Film e Arti Visive has taken form around a group of teachers, researchers and professionals actively involved in innovation. The question of technology is addressed in terms of storytelling, approaching the visual arts as a method of research.

Accademia Cinema Roma

From Cinema to the New Media Arts

Particular attention is paid to Off-Format Cinema and Cinema 2; the training of 2D and 3D authors and animators; and of visual artists, especially in the field of the New Media Arts.


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