Knowledge, Skills, Critical Thought

The program is founded on knowledges, skills and critical thought, as the result of decades of experience of the founders of AMFAV in advanced training for New Technologies of Art, Film, Media, New Media and Visual Arts.

The experience of prototyping and developing the first MIUR (Italian Ministry of University & Research) fully recognised course in Italy on New Technologies for Arts, also known as Media Design, was a success in terms of number of students, national and international academic recognition, and prizes and honors received.

The new course in Media, Film & Visual Arts of AMFAV is like the ideal continuation, improvement and enhancement of this research. The model based on study and comprehension of technologies and media, through the crossing of storytelling and visual arts, also extends to research on the cultural meanings that emerge precisely from this new aesthetics.

An International Network of Research and Education

The Three-year program in Media, Film & Visual Arts of AMFAV operates within the Network of Research and Education of Ars Academy and adopts its three-way training model: skills, knowledge, thought.

This scheme applies the reflections of the EU on ‘cross-fertilization’ of Science, Technology and Art and on Social Digital Innovation, in keeping with the objective set as a guideline of the new European five-year research program (Horizon 2020): “thinking outside the box”.


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