Media Designer

An Architect of Contemporary Media

The Media Designer: an architect, a narrator of meaning, an archivist of new technologies

Today, technology is inseparable from any type of creative project. Media imply a complexity traditional professions do not seem to be capable of managing. The Media Designer is a new figure, trained to understand what influences, tendencies and specificities accompany every technology and medium, a figure able to support the worlds of creativity, business and art in this new media galaxy.

The Media Designer is a professional of the world of communication, technologies, virtual narratives, new forms of action mediated by networks.

Professional paths

Alongside the traditional Film & Video market, the web has opened up other fundamental professional paths for the Media Designer, which are rapidly growing and often intersect:

1) On the one hand, the market of production of videos and content of online entertainment, which grows by nearly 50% each year, continuing to require new, sophisticated professional figures capable of making audiovisual products of all types: from web series to video archives, webdocs to institutional videos, docureality shows to fiction, all the way to digital animations and interactive content for the web and apps.

2) On the other, there are companies whose core business is not direct media production, but increasingly require in-house Media Designers capable of:

  • designing and implementing audiovisual and multimedia communication for the company itself, for both in-house and external use;

  • conceiving and constructing complex and multimedia stories of products, to stimulate audience engagement in the company’s markets, approaching digital communication as an open process continuously subject to optimization;

  • thinking of audiovisual and multimedia products, constructing communication and art capable of self-transmission and multiplication through the viral potential of social networks and cross-media logic;

  • creating and managing, inside the company, an audiovisual and technological archive in step with the times;

  • participating in research and development inside the company, in strategies of intelligence and ongoing corporate innovation.


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The Media Designer: between art and innovation

The Media Designer is thus the pivot of the process of cultural innovation, research and development of a company, of the development and launch of products, the management and implementation of new lines of communication.

A figure capable of acting on a corporate level and a creative artistic level: a new architect, storyteller of the contemporary, archivist of new knowledge, active and fundamental interpreter of the transitions of the new millennium.

The Media Designer is a figure that can choose whether to concentrate on the artistic and creative side, developing a career in cinema, television, video games and the visual arts, or to enter the world of business innovation as a figure of mediation and implementation of new global possibilities of communication, teamwork and innovation through cross-fertilization with new technologies.

The Media Designer can therefore operate under the following professional profiles:

  • director;
  • video game director;
  • linear author;
  • multimedia author;
  • news author;
  • web series author;
  • operator;
  • media manager;
  • author of viral online campaigns;
  • archivist;
  • documentarist;
  • visual artist;
  • multimedia artist.

The Media Designer can work in research and development groups or develop his or her own projects, aware of the logics of innovation of the contemporary.

# If each individual is a work of art then every professional role is the result of this artistic dimension.