Art as Research and Education

AMFAV, as an active apparatus of research that is part of the Ars Academy Research network, adopts the latter’s research method. It operates in the field of Advanced Artistic and Musical Training and in line with a new academic approach that sees research and training as integrated processes in a sophisticated complexity of meaningful relationships.

The research method is based on the student <> teacher dyad (Monico, 2014), the central body of an action that uses contemporary art – filmic, cinematic, audiovisual, digital, performative, associative, curatorial – as a device of research suited to the contemporary world.

AMFAV sees RESEARCH AS AN OPEN, NECESSARY AND PERMANENT PROCESS, a path to develop along the entire cursus studiorum of the program. It is seen as a Second Order process that makes Research & Development address the training project itself, thus operating in a context of permanent innovation of Higher Education.

A “Fab” Institution

The AMFAV faculty are part of the Ars Academy Research international network of research and development, and pursue strategies of cross-fertilization of science, technology and art, guaranteeing continuous updating of courses and training programs.

The Three-Year program in Media, Film & Art of AMFAV functions as an observatory of the contemporary, a true “Fab Institution” thanks to contacts with leading institutions of higher education on a national and international level – including the research projects and decade-long work of the Planetary Collegium T-Node International Research Program.


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