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Workshops and internships

The AMFAV model combines theoretical training with constant workshop practice, making it possible to design and implement contents and forms of creativity applied to media, controlling and managing the various phases of production.

In the Three-year program students have the opportunity to activate projects, also in the professional network of the faculty, gaining professional experience. In this perspective, all students will take part in internships with outstanding partners in different productive areas, gradually building their resumé and their portfolio of works.

Innovation, Project Supervision, Pitching

A constant work of innovation is renewed during each school year, through quarterly in-house pitching and biannual external pitching with qualified managers and decision makers from the most important companies and institutions in the world of media, publishing and creativity.

Students will thus be able to progressively hone their professional skills, coming into contact with an industrial, creative and publishing network that can be of essential importance for entry in the world of work.

Art Film Cinema Academy Rome

Eva and Franco Mattes, Reenactments (2007-2010), Exhibition view, Carroll/Fletcher, London.


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Work opportunities

At the end of the AMFAV training process, students can deploy their professional skills as:

  • director;
  • video game director;
  • film critic;
  • linear author;
  • multimedia author;
  • news author;
  • web series author;
  • operator;
  • editor;
  • media manager;
  • author of viral online campaigns;
  • archivist;
  • documentarist;
  • visual artist;
  • multimedia artist.

Knowledge & Network

The Accademia offers certification of knowledge and network, and stands out in the field of New Art Technologies for the excellence of its faculty – selected from the ranks of successful professionals, leaders in their areas of expertise, who have achieved international acclaim with their works – and for the high academic level of the teachers called upon to participate through an international network.

The innovative method of Accademia Media Film & Arti Visive is based on ongoing innovation developed with students. Each student will produce a personal research project in the field of media, developing a product that can become an asset on the market of work, creativity and art.

# If each individual is a work of art then every professional role is the result of this artistic dimension.