Faculty Excellence

A Team of Excellence

While the world of education is filled with mass-market offerings, Accademia di Media Film & Arti Visive focuses on excellence, choosing absolute quality for the educational program, the faculty, and the projects.

The teachers have been selected from the ranks of the most outstanding exponents in their disciplines and in the world of work. The selection relies on an operative network on a European and international level.

Each teacher is a node in a network, as a representative of his or her working, academic, artistic or research institution.

An International Project

The Accademia is a player of the European Community, as part of the project STARTS Science Technology & Arts, Horizon 2020. AMFAV takes part in various institutional platforms, for both the media industry and traditional industry, and on a social level.

The Accademia is also part of ISEA, International Symposium Electronic Art, of Planetary Collegium, a global research platform, and of other prestigious international networks.

# If each individual is a work of art then every professional role is the result of this artistic dimension.


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