Academic Director

Francesco Monico

If every individual is a work of art, then every professionality is the result of this artistic dimension” – F. Monico, Director of Accademia Media, Film e Arti Visive.

Now Director of the new Academy Media Film & Visual Arts Three-year program in Designing New Technologies for Art, and Senior Partner of Ars Academy Research SRL, he founded and directed for 13 years the School of Media Design of NABA in Milan, and directs the program of doctoral research Planetary Collegium T-Node for the University of Plymouth (UK). At that same university he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts with Prof. Roy Ascott. He works in an international network to develop research methodology combining art, science and technology.

He began his career as a director of television programs for the Italian state network Rai 3, after which he has worked as a multimedia author, artist and researcher, gaining international experience. He was a Senior Fellow of the McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology at the University of Toronto, and holds a Ph.D. in Media and Arts, completed with a thesis on Pedagogy in the Technical Age.

Besides teaching Theory and Method of Mass Media at the Accademia di Costume e Moda – AMFAV, he is a director and founder of the company Ars Academy Research operating in the fields of research, innovation and education. He has developed syncretic research on media, technology and new human proportions, and an aesthetic in which artistic practice, teaching and scientific production combine in a single context. He has organized and conducted international conferences and symposia on New Media Art and pedagogy. He has written regularly on television criticism for the International Herald Tribune/Italy Daily, and for Wired on New Media Art, while collaborating with Sole24Ore Nova 24 on themes of digital innovation. He has directed Research and Development initiatives for Italian and international companies in the fields of Technology and Design.

For Meltemi Editore he has written Dramma Televisivo (2006), and for Mimesis he collaborated on the Italian edition of L’homme “littéré” (2008) by Derrick de Kerckhove. For University Press CLUEB he collaborated on the Italian edition of Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood (2013). He also works in the field of New Media Art, creating works like TAFKAV (The Artist Formerly Known as Vanda),  Is There Love in the Technoetic Narcissus and The Hybrid Constitution.

He has successfully organized and implemented several masters programs and advanced training initiatives, all in collaboration with MIUR, the Italian Ministry of the University and Research.